Lywandi networks was an idea born from the founder’s passion to bring people from all backgrounds together and offering them a platform to exchange ideas and share knowledge. A platform for mingling and networking with other people committed to self-improvement and development in all spheres of their lives. Lywandi seeks to bring about transformational leadership by equipping individuals with tools to help realize their potential through an avenue of talks, seminars, workshops and events.

Our Vision

To become a leader in providing platforms where people across all sectors can connect to share ideas and enhance knowledge/skills thereby creating a global network of individuals pursuing common objectives while making an impact in both their lives and communities around them.

Our Approach

Lywandi networking forums will bring together inspirational speakers whose aim is to inspire and share their professional and personal insights so that attendees will benefit from their knowledge and skills, learn more about various topics of interest while discussing with their peers hence helping in their personal and professional growth. At Lywandi events, people will make meaningful connections through networking opportunities.

Members of Lywandi Networks will have an opportunity to explore various aspects of their lives touching broadly on the below pillars with a view to improving their lives and communities around them;

  • Personal development
  • Career development
  • Organizational development
  • Community development
  • Well-being (Spiritual//Physical /Emotional / Mental)

Be part of the Lywandi Network and you’ll never miss a valuable opportunity to connect, ignite your potential while making an impact.

Interested in joining the Lywandi Network?

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