We are a finance advisory firm working to bring about a different perspective on how individuals and organizations carry out their day to day accounting function.

About Lywandi Advisory

Are you an Entrepreneur, small business, startup company passionate about what you do but have no idea what your finances say about your present and future operations? Do you use your ‘gut feeling’ to determine whether you’ll continue to be in business or not and not actual numbers? Are you clueless on matters finance and not sure where to start? Does your accounting staff lack the skills and know how to support your vision to take you to the next level and you’re looking to build their capacity? Do you want to build a successful business that reflects your vision and take charge of your people, processes and systems?

Lywandi Advisory services is run by professionals with a background in finance and offers financial advisory services that seek to support businesses navigate through their day to day operations in all matters finance and accounting. We are a firm passionate about building the capacity of small and large businesses alike by first understanding each of our client’s needs and offering tailor made solutions to address those needs. We will break down your numbers for you to enable you get a clear picture of how healthy your business is, putting some statistics that back up your ‘gut feeling’ about the business.

We at Lywandi advisory strive to provide quality services to our clients and are committed in being a trusted partner in all your accounting and finance needs. Let us take away the burden of numbers so that you may focus on pursuing what’s important, your passion.

Why Us

The Accounting function is fast moving from the traditional routine tasks previously associated with the department. Organizations need to reinvent ways in which they equip their people to handle this change.

With over 10 years’ experience in finance and advisory functions across multiple industries and a passion to influence change and create impact in all we do, we bring deep expertise to your operations. We offer personalized service and relevant advice to corporates, businesses, individuals and not for profit organizations.

Our Approach

We will work closely with you and your finance team to provide support in developing and optimizing finance operations to meet the changing requirements of the business.