We are a finance advisory firm working to bring about a different perspective on how individuals and organizations carry out their day to day accounting function.

Outsourced Accounting Support

Accurate, timely and reliable financial information is critical for the successful management of your business. We understand that not all businesses are able to hire a full-time resource to manage the day to day accounting function. This is where we come in to take the burden off you, leaving you to concentrate on growing the business by focusing on other core matters.

Organizational Capacity Assessment/ Finance Process Improvement

Our solutions will assist you determine the most effective and efficient structures, processes and systems that are best suited to your needs. We will review existing organizational structure with a view of recommending changes that will assist you in achieving long term goals.

Financial monitoring and supervision

We provide an oversight role for organizations with internal accounting or finance departments whereby we supervise the work of the department to ensure it is line with laid down tax laws and financial regulations.


The best of systems will fail without the right people to use them. An organization that invests in its human resource to recruit, improve and retain talent is an organization bound for success. We assist organizations build capacity of their staff by providing training solutions in areas they are keen to develop. We will carry out a skills gap analysis of your accounting staff and tailor solutions to address challenges. We also come in to offer simplified training for non-finance staff on basic accounting and finance concepts that creates understanding of the role each department plays in achieving the organization’s financial success.

Bespoke Advisory Services

Lywandi limited recognizes every growing business has a myriad of needs and might not be well placed to seek relevant solutions arising from a lack of knowledge or simply, ignorance of services available. We seek to help you close these gaps by pointing you to the right direction. We have partnered with various industry experts offering a wide range of services making us a one stop shop to all your business needs. Lywandi Limited has collaborated with other professionals of high integrity who share our vision of providing world class services at affordable costs to individuals, small businesses, corporates and not for profit organizations. We provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Tax Services
  • Payroll Solutions
  • HR Consultancy
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Procurement
  • Business valuation
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • External and Internal Audit
  • Legal services
  • Branding, Marketing and PR Services
  • Event planning
  • IT solutions